Downtown Fresno

  • 700 Van Ness Ave
    Fresno, California
  • (559) 344-0180
  • Mon-Fri: 7am-4pm

Coffee Services

Need lots of coffee on the go? Valparaiso has coffee services for your meeting or event, whether small or large. Perfect for corporate meetings, or large-scale events – contact us today and we can create a package that will work for you.

The Roastery

Nestled in the heart of Downtown Fresno, Valparaiso Roastery cooks up some of the finest coffee using beans that have been carefully selected from some of the best coffee cherries around the world. Our Roast-Master (and founder) Mario Vargas believes that the process of roasting can’t be rushed. From the fruit to the cup, our beans have been handled with delicate care ensuring a flavor and sensation that can’t be forgotten. No matter your taste preference, whether fruity and floral or bold and earthy, we will have a roast just for you.