Valparaiso is a port city on Chile’s coast that’s known for it’s beauty and colorful clifftop homes. It’s also the hometown of Mario Vargas, founder and CEO of Valparaiso Café and Roastery.


Mario was 10 years old when his family moved to the United States for the opportunity of building a better life. From an early age, Mario saw the opportunities available because of this great country, and knew he wanted to one day own his own business. After working several years in the service industry doing everything from cooking, waiting, and managing restaurants he grew a passion for serving people, but didn’t enjoy the sterility of a corporate environment. It was when he started working in a local café in Fresno, CA where he fell in love with everything about coffee. It wasn’t just the taste and feel of a freshly brewed hot cup of coffee, but the artisanal aspect of handcrafting a specialized drink that people could enjoy and connect with others on a personal level. He also loved the detailed care it took in finding the right beans, and roasting to different taste profiles.


That’s when he saw a vision for Valparaiso Café and Roastery. It would be a place where people could connect on a personal level over a drinkable work of art that he created.


“When I think of Valparaiso, I’m reminded of where I came from and how grateful I am for how far we’ve come. I’m also reminded of the beauty, art, and connection of the people from my hometown. I wanted to bring a little piece of Valparaiso with me and share it with Fresno.”

– Mario Vargas